One of our strongest global mission partnerships began several years ago when Blue Ridge felt led to partner with the Tibetan Trust Home in Pokhara, Nepal. We have been blessed by the opportunity to walk alongside the Trust Home founders and share in their vision of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their people.

The idea for the Trust Home started when God placed a burden on the heart of Dolma Shrestha, a Tibetan refugee living in Nepal, to reach out to her people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Most Tibetans have never seen a Christian among their own devoutly Buddhist people. It is here, in one of the world’s most unreached regions, that the Trust Home has provided for the needs of more than 100 children of Tibetan refugees. Most of these children were abused or abandoned and left to fend for themselves or sent across the border from Tibet by families who had no means to care for them.

The Trust Home has now closed due to the government of Nepal claiming the land the TH was built on, and the age of Dolma and Arjun. Their heart continues to be for the gospel, and they are involved with a church in Pokhara called Bethany Butwal.

Bethany Butwal has a vision for planting other churches, and sponsors several village pastors that minister in the countryside. Blue Ridge shares that vision for church planting and has come alongside Dolma, Arjun, and the Bethany church to aid in supporting these village pastors and their ministry.