As ministries grow and change, and as God moves us into new ways of operating, we are recognizing that “what got us here, won’t take us there.” Recently, the Kid’s Community leadership team began praying about our next steps. And as we prayed, God responded!

What God is calling us to do as a ministry isn’t different, but how we do it is. We are excited to share with you some of the amazing changes God is bringing to our KidStuf programs.

Faith Girlz and Extreme Life:
These programs have been around for just over a decade, and have been amazing avenues for discipleship and outreach. But as we take our next steps in Kids Community, we are realizing that it is time for the two programs to end in order to make room for the new things God is doing. So, Faith Girlz will wrap up with its final meeting on May 11 and Extreme Life will have its final meeting on May 25. We realize this will be a bittersweet transition for all of us. But we continue to be excited about the journey God has us on and the new things on the horizon.

Focus on Discipleship:
God is still asking us to be intentional about discipleship, but now instead of reaching 40-80 kids on a monthly basis, with the recent expansion of the KidServe teams we are reaching over 60 kids on a weekly basis. We now have three distinctive teams that allow our kids to serve God with their unique giftings and personalities.

These teams are Reach, Equip, and Amped. In addition to serving, they provide an avenue for discipleship and spiritual growth and we are seeing that happen on a regular basis as kids lean in to these environments. These teams open up for new kids at specific times during the year. You can go to our website to learn more about these new discipleship opportunities for your kids.

Outreach Efforts:
We want to continue and expand our efforts to provide settings where you can invite other families to engage in activities in a relaxed environment. Adding additional events similar to Putt Putt Palooza and KidStuf Family Christmas, will provide you opportunities to connect with leaders, get to know others within the body of Christ, and to invite families who may not be plugged into a local church to experience the love of Christ in an enjoyable family atmosphere.

We don’t want to be raising another generation of kids who say, “I said a prayer as a kid, but I didn’t really know what it meant or what I was doing.” We believe God wants us to help raise up kids who are confident in their relationship with Him. Our prayer is that you will join in our excitement and be an active part of this new path we are traveling together.

If you have any questions about these new changes within Kids Community, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are so grateful that you allow us to walk alongside your kids as they are learning about a relationship with Christ!