Having recently returned from Haiti on a Blue Ridge Missions trip, Andrew Todd took time to reflect on what he learned. The experience has led him to ask some hard questions.

When we were in Haiti, we had a fairly specific schedule that allowed us to be fully focused on why we were there: to let God work in us and change us, and then pour out love on the people we encountered.

Each interaction we had was guided by the Holy Spirit, each action we took was bathed in prayer, and each day was full of God’s work both in and all around us. The local pastors, village champions, and really any other Christ-followers we met were so passionate about loving and teaching their people about Jesus.

Haiti was a hard place, but a place where the lines were plainly drawn, the spiritual battles more obvious, and the eternal stakes clearly seen.

The big question for me on the trip back to the United States was: Why are things physically so much more difficult in Haiti, yet spiritually so much more straightforward? Why does my life as a Christian in America look different from that of Christians in Haiti?

Yes, our culture is different in the United States. Yes, we do have very different schedules, responsibilities and ways of life. However, I think it’s worth it to ask the hard questions, to examine our lives before God.

For me:

  • Do I prioritize my time with God above all else, especially since I know that my entire day will be dictated by how I walk in step with Him?

  • Do I immediately turn to prayer and to God’s Word for situations and interactions throughout my day?

  • Do I care about the people around me both spiritually and physically?

  • What if I took a little more responsibility for reaching those in my community with the Gospel?

The best thing about these questions is that I am not on my own in answering them. God has used my time in Haiti to jump-start a bigger journey that He wants me to take, one where He is with me every step of the way.