Ushering in the New Year seems to always bring with it the opportunity to take inventory of the past and begin looking toward the future.

This could mean writing out goals, making resolutions, or just simply reflecting on ways to improve in the year ahead. But most would agree that this time of year just feels like a new beginning, bringing with it fresh opportunities for change and a new perspective.

While this process is highly personal, there always seems to be a common thread that runs through the hearts and minds of many as they ponder change to the status quo. And that is “margin” — and how to obtain it. How to thin out the schedule, find the time, or make the room for the people and things that are most important.

It’s called by many names. Time Management. Reasonable Pace. Organization. Space. Regardless of the name it goes by, it seems elusive in today’s culture of busyness, jam-packed schedules, and instant everything. Yet, in spite of our best intentions too many of us find ourselves right back where we originally started. Time-starved. Tired. Weary.

God’s Word addresses the issue in Isaiah 40:31. “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Notice that the command is not to quit running, walking, or moving forward. The instruction is to place our hope in the Lord and the strength will be supplied to continue in the race. And not just to continue, but to soar. The command is to trust in the Lord and allow Him to order our steps. Seek His guidance. Pray for wisdom. Ask Him to reveal to us how to make room for the people, places, and opportunities He wants us to be a part of.

What that can look like is slowing down while still moving forward. Starting the day with Him. Listening more and speaking less. Carving out quiet moments to hear His voice. Engaging fully. Not missing opportunities.

Maybe the answer doesn’t lie in empty calendar pages or moving away from opportunities and obligations. There is value in doing that. But realistically, our world is busy. Our time is limited. We will never fully disengage from that truth no matter how hard we try.

Maybe what it looks like is Chasing Slow.

Our new message series “Chasing Slow” will examine this tension. How to manage the ever increasing “essentials” with the importance of having room for God, family, friends, and all that is intended and important for us.