ยท For Kids in Grades K-4

Our DC4K program is for children in grades K-4. It is our desire to offer this program, along with the adult program, in the beginning of the year and early fall. Our program is open enrollment, which means you are welcome to join us anytime during the 14-week series, as long as we have space available.

We are here to help families heal from separation or divorce and adjust to the newly divided family situation. Some of our facilitators have experienced divorce as a child or teenager, and through the years experienced healing and recovery. All of our leaders have vibrant relationships with Jesus Christ and a deep love for children. They also have passion to help them start their healing and learn to turn to God through all seasons of life.

A registration fee is collected in person to cover each participant's book and supplies.

As mentioned, we offer the DivorceCare program for adults. We strongly encourage you to attend these groups as a family, when they are available, because healing can be more complete when experienced as a family.

You can call us at 434-525-7481 x305, or email divorcecare@blueridge.org with any questions or for more information.