Lifeline Training

ยท For Men, Women, & Couples

What is Lifeline Caregiving?

Lifeline provides one-to-one spiritual care, support, encouragement, and referral services in a safe and confidential manner to people within the church and throughout the community. During challenging times Lifeline Caregivers come alongside those who are hurting with the intention of pointing care receivers to God for comfort and healing.

The Lifeline training class equips mature Christians with practical tools and relational skills critical to supporting and encouraging others during times of need. The class offers 11 weeks of in-depth training in a biblical model of crisis intervention.

Training topics include:

  • The Biblical Basis for Caregiving
  • Biblical Hope and Practical Help
  • Effective Listening and People Helping Skills
  • The Search for Significance
  • Your Parents and You
  • Basic Helping and Crisis Intervention Skills
  • Strongholds and Spiritual Warfare
  • The Process of Change and Healing
  • Ethics Liability and Law - Servant Leadership

There is a $25 cost for the workbook.