The Split

ยท For Youth

The Split is tailored for preteen and teen students. It is our desire to offer this program, along with the adult program, in the beginning of the year and early fall. Our program is open enrollment, which means you are welcome to register and join us anytime during the semester, if we have space available.

This discussion-based companion to DivorceCare also deals with the same issues, but at a level appropriate for youth. Your youth will be encouraged to turn to God as the source of wisdom, comfort, and guidance through this difficult season of life.

A $10.00 registration fee will cover supplies and snacks.

As mentioned, we offer the DivorceCare program for adults. We ask that you attend these groups at the same time, when they are available, because healing can be more complete when experienced as a family.

You can call us at 434-525-7481 x305, or email with any questions or for more information.