Adoption Wise Conference

· For Moms

This is an all-day retreat for moms who foster or adopt. The focus is on caring for our souls as moms. Cost of the conference is $100 and lunch is included.

The retreat is led by Lisa Qualls and Melissa Corkum from Adoption Wise. They speak to parents saying. "Is your parenting journey turning out differently than you imagined? You had so much love to give, but now you feel ashamed and bewildered by your lack of compassion. You may be experiencing blocked care—a self-protective mechanism in your nervous system that makes it difficult to connect with your child and maintain compassion. The good news is you can heal from blocked care, and compassion can be rekindled in your heart. You're a good parent doing good work."

LISA C. QUALLS - Co-Founder

Lisa C. Qualls serves the adoption community from her unique perspective as a birth mom, former foster youth, foster mom, and adoptive mom. Lisa is a TBRI Practitioner, Trauma Competent Caregiving trainer, and spiritual director.


As an adoptee and adoptive mom, Melissa Corkum provides insight and resources to adoptees, parents and professionals through her speaking, coaching, and writing. She is a TED Speaker, Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner, Cultivate Connection Facilitator, and Certified Enneagram Coach.